LNKM June Update

Posted By: G.S. on Jun 08, 2011
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June and August NK Trips:

LNKM is partnering with two local ministries in the south for two service project trips in NK. I will be taking in team members to serve at an old folks home inside the north eastern part of NK. One of our China based partner NGO's will be hosing us as well as obtaining invitations for our entry into NK.

In addition to the service project, we are also fundraising to provide ten tons of rice or corn for each trip which will be donated to our partner NGO and distributed inside NK by them as well. Ten tons of Rice costs approximately $7,000 USD after shipping and ten tons of Corn is about $4,500 after shipping. LNKM is currently fundraising for both loads of rice or corn.

Due to the situation, one of the best ways we can get a team of people inside NK is to take food aid. Taking 10 tons of rice or corn virtually guarantees our ability to take the teams. Please pray that we will be able to raise funds for 2 loads of rice or corn.

NGO Work Communication Workshop:

I will be giving a three hour workshop in Yanji China teaching the basics of NGO fundraising and communication to NGO field workers. I'll cover subjects like website development, use of social networking, public speaking and the use of photo’s as well as Power Point presentations. This free workshop will be held on Saturday, June 25th at the local American Restaurant in Yanji. We hope it will be a great benefit to all those dedicated workers in NE China who are able to attend.

Well Drilling Company:

During my last trip to NK, I took along a well driller from Montana. We floated our idea of a well drilling company which was well received. Since we got a positive response, we are now proceeding with our “due diligence” research and putting together a business plan.

I will also be working on answering as many business related questions as I can during my next two trips to NK. The well driller is helping with research on the drilling equipment we will be needing to purchase. Once the basic business plan is in place we will then engage in a major capital campaign to raise the funding needed to both start the company as well as cover the first year operating expenses. Please keep this project in your prayers.

Website Launch

A member of a local fellowship here in SK offered to help make it happen and we now finally have a website. We are still working on a few things such as a logo change and a “Paypal” method for donation as well as a Korean translation (Joy is working on that) but the main work is finished and the site is live.

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